Whales protecting Whales!

Whales protecting Whales!

WhaleRoom has become a corporate partner of Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) to raise awareness around endangered sea species, and help protect them.

Founded in 1987, WDC is the leading global charity dedicated to the protection of whales and dolphins and a founding partner of the Convention on Migratory Species, which is part of the United Nations Environment Programme.

The 4 main goals of WDC are to end captivity, stop whaling, create healthy seas, as well as preventing death in nets. You can learn more about their objectives here.

WhaleRoom will be supporting WDC by donating a percentage of the sales of their premium memberships. This partnership will help connect the “whales from the investment world” to the “whales from the oceans” and raise awareness around endangered sea species!

In addition to donating a percentage of their revenue to WDC, WhaleRoom also has a mission to:

  • Serve as a point of contact in the blockchain community for other blockchain organisations and crypto enthusiasts that want to contribute in protecting whales
  • Promote fundraising campaigns on their platform and partners
  • Explore innovative ways to raise awareness of whales and other endangered sea life, and how people can help protect them

About WhaleRoom: WhaleRoom is a new social hub for blockchain enthusiasts where the culture is centered around adopting great first principles and fundamental research skills. WhaleRoom is enforcing a unique vetting system called Proof of Ownership which is a new way of ensuring community integrity instead of hoping for it.

Learn more: whales.org | whaleroom.org




The world’s largest social networking platform for verified crypto whales.

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The world’s largest social networking platform for verified crypto whales.

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